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If you know me personally, you’ll know that I got married 7 and a half years ago to the man of my dreams. (Yes, we’ve lived happily ever after). What you might not know is that our wedding was very much a DIY affair. We did everything ourselves, (except for photography,food and the cake… I didn’t want DIY photos, we loved Too Jays food, and Kenny refused to let me stay up til 2am the night before our wedding baking cupcakes with my mom. He wouldn’t let me do it.) So anyways, one of the ways we did DIY it up was with our invitations. Now originally, I had designed something sort of hatch print-esque, but my mom said it looked like a circus poster (she may or may not have been right- I still to this day refuse to agree with her on that), so my mom went down to Michael’s and bought a few packs of print them yourself invitations.  I caved and we ended up using those. Now, they did look nice, but I have to tell you… printing them was a total nightmare. Figuring out how to load every individual piece, running out of printer ink, assembling over 100 of them… No! I can’t say that’s anything I’d ever want to do again or recommend to anyone else.

Luckily, for today’s bride, I feel like there are so many more options when it comes to invitations. When we got married it was either pay exorbitant prices for handmade/custom invitations, print your own, or order some very generic/cheesy looking invitations from the internet (looking at you Giant printing website, that should stick to printing business cards… ahem!)  Anyways, now there is an awesome site that I want to share with you guys- . Oh, I so wish I knew about this place when I was getting married!!! This site has the coolest collection of luxury wedding invitations, at an affordable price. You guys, these invitations… they are gorgeous!!! I seriously had a hard time picking out a sample to choose for this blog! And don’t even get me started on their foil invitations…. I have serious invitation envy for anyone that uses those for their wedding. They are so stunning!!

The ordering process was quick and easy. Simply pick out the design you want, fill out the text fields (yay! no centering text by yourself!), pick out the colors, the shape of the card, the envelope options… etc.. etc… Seriously, there must be a billion ways to customize any of their designs, which is wonderful! There are hundreds of colors to choose from for you to customize any element of the invitation, which means You can get a design you love in your wedding colors. If you’re picky like me, that is a huge plus! Seriously, if you’re planning your wedding, get on there and play around for a while… you’ll be totally amazed what you can create (without having to refill your printer cartridge even once;))  I wish I could have made like 3 more sets of invites, just for fun!

The best part of the whole experience was how attentive the customer service reps were. As soon as I placed my order, a representative emailed me and asked if I had any questions or if they could do anything for me. That’s definitely not something you get everywhere on the internet! If I was ordering as many invitations as I used at my wedding, I would definitely love having someone in my corner. 10/10 would definitely recommend!

Check out some photos I took below of their “Blossoming Love” invitations  - These would be goooorrrgeous for a spring wedding. Also, like I said I got married 7 1/2 years ago, so I felt weird putting my name down- I didn’t want my family to think we were renewing our vows or something- so I used the name of my favorite musician couple! (Who are also already married, and this is also weird… Oh well! enjoy the photos! haha!)


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