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I am a lucky girl. I love my life and the people in it. One of my favorite things about my life at the moment is the place I live. Middle TN is so beautiful, and I am so happy that I’ve been able to call Nashville my home for close to a year now. Right now, I’m enjoying the gorgeous weather that, for the past week, has been in the 60′s, 70′s, or 80′s. Did I mention it’s the middle of August? (sorry if I’m making you jealous Florida friends). It’s not just Middle TN in general that I love, but I also love my neighborhood. Bellevue is nestled right in between Nashville (Belle Meade to be more specific) and the Natchez Trace National Park. When we initially moved here, we did not even know about the park. We loved how many big hills there were, and we loved feeling like we were living “in the mountains”. (Again, I’m from Florida, ok?) After living here for a couple of months, we ventured out away from town and stumbled upon the Natchez Trace. It’s been love ever since.

If you’ve never driven through or hiked any part of the trace, I have to tell you… you’re definitely missing out. It’s a gorgeous park, and between the waterfalls, rivers, creeks, hills, and vistas there is plenty to see and do. Taking this drive and going for a hike has basically become a tradition for Kenny, Bear, and I. If Kenny is home for the weekend, we will take either Saturday or Sunday, hop in the car and drive without any destination. I don’t think we’ve ever stopped at the same trail twice, and every time it’s been a wonderful little adventure. It’s easy. Next time you’re in Nashville, get in the car. Listen to the Civil War’s “Barton Hollow” album on repeat. Drive the trace. Stop anywhere that looks interesting and hike. Basically, it’s paradise. Here are some photos I took from last weekend’s hike:

We attempted to take a family photo by ourselves… haha!

Love him.

One of my favorite parts of the day: Having the world’s cutest dog fall asleep in my lap on the ride home after he’s all tuckered out.

Sound like fun, but you’re nowhere near Nashville? No worries! Kenny took this time-lapse video of some of the drive; you can get a little taste of the experience!

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