Goodbye Winter


Happy first day of spring everyone! I thought today would be a good day to roll out some new changes I’ve made to the blog and ,of course, share some cute pictures of my puppies in the snow.

Bear kept trying to eat it, and ended up with a snow beard.

I decided to surprise Kenny and get him the puppy he’s always wanted. Meet Stella, the Great PyreneesAt 6 weeks old her paws were this big… at 10 weeks, she’s getting close to double the size. She’s gonna be big!

A couple weeks later the last snow fall of the season came. The snow before this one stuck around for 6 hours… this one stuck around for 6 days.

Look at how much snow was on my roof!! Can you tell I’m a Floridian? lol
Now that spring is here, we all did some yard work yesterday! I guess everyone worked really hard…

That’s all for now, but more to come soon! Cheers!- Lauren

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